Nature Is So Majestic!

12 thoughts on “Nature Is So Majestic!”

  1. That picture of the surprised looking owl with it’s chicks is the basis for the “stressed out parenting owl” meme we’ve been looking for.

  2. These are not its chicks, these are zebra finches, not owls

  3. That rabbit has a harelip.

  4. There are some in every species.

  5. People, just like animals, look majestic in pictures because they are like models, actors, politicians, things like that. But ordinary people like you and me look like the animals in these pictures. I recognized in these pictures a cousin of mine who owes me money, a neighbor, 2 colleagues and my boss.

  6. Never lend money to relatives.

  7. Photoshoped

  8. No it doesn’t. All rabbits have a split upper lip.

  9. The stupid is strong with this one.

  10. Riiiiight, I get it now… thanks for that.

  11. True. And much more in humans… as some comments show.

  12. Hahaha werid

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