When You Cheat On Someone…

The origins of Christianity.

11 thoughts on “When You Cheat On Someone…”

  1. This is so unfunny and uncool… lame

  2. Truth hurts, get over it.

  3. This is very funny, whoever made it is cool as f…, it rocks.

  4. I’m Christian, and I think it is funny.
    Lighten up Francis!

  5. No. Anonymous was right all along. Not funny. Or adult.

  6. Religion is nonsense. Deal with it.

  7. lol its pretty funny not like you see it

    TL:DR you are wrong

  8. Christianity and other Abrahamic Religions are the biggest lies of the world that has ruined the lives of billions of humans. we probably would have flying cars and the elixir of life by now without stupid religions

  9. Dare you to say something like that about Islam

  10. Why would they? Islam ain’t got no bullshite like these

  11. Cults.

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