Nailed It! (Photo Parodies)


16 thoughts on “Nailed It! (Photo Parodies)”

  1. Soooo funny! Looks like he even had some of the same exact outfits!

  2. Ohhhh k then.. I’m playing dress up of me..I’m so embarrassed..

  3. Man! Which is which?

  4. That guy has more talent that the dumdums he’s imitating.

  5. Parodies celebrities, needs a life.

  6. Hahahah…look at his nicki minaj balloon butt

  7. He spends a lot of money on women’s clothes

  8. He should try captain america cosplay.

  9. You clicked on it and looked at ALL of them… STFU!

  10. Soooo funny – this man’s a genius!

  11. He’s parodies of me are spot on

  12. What a god laugh… some close Comparisons LOL

  13. Ramen; the uses are endless! Ends world hunger AND costume medium for 20 cents a bag

  14. waverider
    his on instagram

  15. So funny..

  16. Some are pretty good.

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