Nailed It! (Photo Parodies)




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  1. Soooo funny! Looks like he even had some of the same exact outfits!

  2. Ohhhh k then.. I’m playing dress up of me..I’m so embarrassed..

  3. Man! Which is which?

  4. Ann Onimous November 8, 2014

    That guy has more talent that the dumdums he’s imitating.

  5. Parodies celebrities, needs a life.

  6. Hahahah…look at his nicki minaj balloon butt

  7. He spends a lot of money on women’s clothes

  8. hey, I'm new here and this may sound crazy November 9, 2014

    He should try captain america cosplay.

  9. Soooo funny – this man’s a genius!

  10. He’s parodies of me are spot on

  11. What a god laugh… some close Comparisons LOL

  12. Ramen; the uses are endless! Ends world hunger AND costume medium for 20 cents a bag

  13. waverider
    his on instagram

  14. Some are pretty good.

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