5 thoughts on “My Dog, Every Time”

  1. Anything to please the friend beast.

  2. He worked so hard building up his musk and the owner goes and washes it all off. Of course the dog has to do this.

  3. The Oatmeal’s dog is smarter than he is.

  4. Marlin Perkins;
    Dave, dogs bath in horse sh*t to mask their odors from potential prey. This is actually an intelligent action by The Beast.
    Dave, dogs use horse sh*t to protect their future investments in the hunt, but how do you protect your family when you are no longer with us? Mutual of Omaha provides protection for your love one’s at your eventual demise where horse sh*t just can’t work…

  5. Mr Perkins, I’m convinced. I’d like your biggest horse sh*t policy. Where do I sign?

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