The Mustard Terrorist



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  1. Whenever people call themselves a veteran, I instantly think they aren’t. I’ve met so many ex-soldiers who go round calling themselves war veterans, and then find out they were just a chef or just received basic training. Meanwhile, actual veterans I’ve met would never mention it unless I asked or heard it from one of their family/friends.

    • You don’t have to be in a war to be a veteran. Doesn’t matter what they did, a veteran is a veteran. How have you served your country?

    • If you haven’t been to war then you aren’t a war veteran. And yes, a veteran is a veteran. You don’t have to be part of the army to be a veteran, but where I from if you brag just because you’re part of the army you’re known as an army douchebag. And define serve your country. If you count endless hours of charity work and a signed army reserve then yes, I have served my country.

  2. Mustard balls are my favourite!

  3. At least it wasn’t super glue…

  4. Bonghis Khan October 13, 2017

    When that prankster reads this, he’s gonna come hard like Harvey Weinstein on a potted plant. Way to go giving this jerk complete satisfaction. He’ll prolly do it over and over again. Well done, Mr. “Veteran”.

  5. a tip: how do you know you are serving in a war? you qualify for g.i. bill
    as noted: a vet is anyone who has served
    note: many serve in a war who do not see combat…without those people, combat vets would not be able to perform their duties

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