They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’



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  1. Can I have a Diet Coke with this post?

  2. And they wonder why everyone here is against TIPP. Keep your junk food to yourselves. And take back your bribes for our politicians too.

    • The old man on the mountain December 27, 2015

      ” everybody here”? – What give you the right to speak in the name of “everybody”? And when it comes to these unspecified “bribes” – there are two people involved in bribing “our politicians” – the one who gives and the one who takes. And besides this – I don’t get what photos of overweight people have to do with international trade politics.

    • Well regardless, it’s a pretty heavy issue.

    • EUro, You mean TTIP?

    • Then tell Europe to quit bribing the Clintons.

    • @The old man on the mountain Ok, “everybody, except The old man on the mountain,…” By the way… I know real people from the mountains very well. They don’t like TTIP neither. No farmer would.
      @CatMan This. Thanks.
      @Me Why should anyone in Europe bribe the Clintons? And what for? For making your country a better place, or what?

  3. Italiano Medio December 27, 2015

    It’s easy to make fun of these people but I don’t think they real problem is simply gluttony, I think the real issue lies way deeper than that.
    Anyhow it’s pretty saddening.

    • Italiano Medio December 27, 2015


    • Companies pushing for low wages, even though it hurts the economy (can buy shit all if you earn shit all). Hospitality workers paid disgustingly low wages because of “tipping wages”, means fast food is dirt cheap. The government does little to advertise a culture of cooking food, or regulation to promote healthy eating, or regulating food industry to make sure additives are healthy or safe, as well as subversive stuff that makes people think eating junk food is freedom or eating healthy is bad because the government is trying to control you (irony right). Low wages themselves force people to work long hours to make ends meet, and junk food is cheap and fast, making cooking a chore that involves cooking, shopping and dishes, which people don’t have time for. Going to the doctor is prohibitively expensive in the US, so small issues (like feeling unwell and being overweight) get left and become serious problems (massive obesity, diet related diabetes), or using a mobility scooter is cheaper than getting help.
      Also I hear sugar is in everything, even the bread. It seems so odd to me to have sweetened bread as the norm. Sugar is far worse for you than fat too.

    • you mean deap, like under layers of fat?

    • Consuming sugar all the time is like putting rocket fuel instead of gasoline into your car.
      Problem with the american form of freedom is it doesn’t save people from themselves. The government is there to care for the people. Stupid americans see all caring as enslavement.
      You vote the government to care for you – not the other way around. But even if they try they get a shirtstorm on their hands.
      All americans are egomaniacs caring only for themselves. My job, my money, **** all taxes. There is no social sense in that nation. No wonder it has one of the highest crime rates worldwide. The US is a social third world nation right now.
      To care for the population the government needs money. Therefore taxes must be levied.
      The US need more taxes for the rich, more political parties, better healthcare and social services, a responsible press and less influence of the corporations on the legislative.

    • And stronger unions to counterweight the corporations. The weakening of the unions is a worldwide problem of the last 20-30 years. This has nothing to do with communism but with ballance. Global economy is out of ballance. Especialy for employees. The employers made a profit in the last and ongoing crisis while your kids ask why there is only a banana under the christmas tree this year.

    • Yep soon the world will be deep in the midst of global corporate feudalism, which will probably continue for at least the next millennium.

    • WolvieWolverine December 28, 2015

      Your thinking seems flawed already in the beginning
      “Companies pushing for low wages”
      Wages and their lower limit exist because there is a real problem of limited recources. People would most likely overspend and there would occure a problem of recources overdraft – i.e. money allows you to buy a potato that simply does not exist yet. Money would become meaningless (or rather there would be huge inflation and people with their non-low wages would suddenly be as rich as they were during the times the “Companies pushed for low wages”)

    • LogiC: Yes, I really wish the government would pass laws requiring me to eat more healthy food, because I am totally incapable of controlling what I shovel into my own face. When we say that a woman has a right to control her own body, of course we mean that she should have the legal right to get an abortion, not that she should have the legal right to drink a 20 ounce soda.

    • The problem is that many don’t know it is not healthy to drink a 20 ounce soda on a daily basis. What LogiC is trying to explain is that the government does little or nothing to educate people what’s healthy and what’s not. Or make it easier to get healthy food.
      As the goverment of the U.S. is under the control of corporations such information is not available to it’s citizens. The consumer’s only source of information are the advertisments of the producers. Everybody in Europe, except The old man on the mountain, is baffled why americans eat such weird things and combine them with a hillarious amount of drugs and medication on a daily basis. Something a normal person would only do if he is really, really sick. Americans seem to be enslaved by corporations. They made you addicts. Now they are trying to get us too.

    • @euro- have you watched the movie ‘branded’?

    • @groot No, i haven’t. Obviously it wasn’t shown here. I’ll add it to my list. Thx.

    • Logic: you need to research what sugar is. When we say there is sugar in bread we mean the sugar in the flour(although a little bit of cane sugar is also added but that is necessary for the yeast to activate)!! Flour=carb=sugar.

    • bruhwhocares January 22, 2016

      ummmmm ok….

  4. There is nothing wrong with submarine thingy.

  5. see we’re missing out on a source of cheap, renewable oil right in front of us. Start mining fatties for their precious blubber reserves!

  6. Is that seriously a fat-scooter turned into a bed in that mcdonalds drive-through?
    Makes you wonder why some americans still don’t belive in evolution, the evidence is right there people.

  7. Wow. This makes me want to move to Europe, where everyone is smart, they have it all figured out and there are no fat people. I thought those were saddlebags in that first pic.

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob December 28, 2015

    EUro… EUro… I thought you said you was relaxed? Keep in mind no one is asking,suggesting, or forcing you to live in the USA. But, feel free to make judgments based on your life as absolute authority. BTW, are you an old German 75+ years old or so?
    Wooo! That took more thinking than I’m used to. Think I’ll go to McDonald’s for a burger and fries.

  9. PatronasKitty7 December 29, 2015

    Y’all are just taking a stupid post too seriously!



  12. This is not Funny AT ALL! making fun of heavy people… its Wrong show some respect…

  13. M. W. Curtess January 2, 2016

    Yup! Stuff your fat faces with all you can get. Medicare will cover most of your Diabetes medications, kidney dialysis, and amputation of your legs. That’s Fine — (But just don’t let me catch you smokin one of those nasty ol’ cigarettes!)

  14. Emory Griffis January 25, 2016

    What are those overly obese people doing on the Walmart scooters? In this area, those are strictly for unsupervised and disadvantaged wild children of color.

  15. Scott Gallant November 26, 2016

    Wal-E world we have arrived…

  16. I had a lung problem that i couldn’t walk very far before tiring out I was on lots of oxygen I was dragging two tanks with me on the rare occasion that went to Walmart I needed to use one of the scooters but i couldn’t because there would always be some big lazy fat ass riding them around when they should be walking or kids and a grown jackass playing on them someone with a real disability wasn’t being helped I’d be told I could wait for one I didn’t come to the store to wait half an hour before I could shop and if and when I finally did get a scooter the battery would be run down Walmart you really need to find something about this.

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