I Want To One Day Love Something As Much As Dogs Love Mud



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  1. So… anyone offended by this gallery yet? Liberals, republicans, feminists… anyone?

    • These are actually photographies of U.S. republican officials after they crawled up the President’s rectum in hope of posts and ministries in the new government.

    • That’s great and all… but how do you know that?

    • PatronusKitty7 May 15, 2017

      What are photographies?

    • Mudsharks

    • @Lolfosor:
      Trumps rectum smells like Daisies. Try it.

  2. Somewhere in time May 16, 2017

    How the f@#& does this turn political???

    • Prince Leo May 16, 2017

      How come can’t you remember politics when seeing dogs covered in mud?

  3. Stupid dogs – no cat would ever stoop so low.

    • So true. Dogs are stupid and dirty. Cats are clean and dignified. However, The comments on here are worth the boring pictures!

    • @Uo your comment kinda suxked though.

  4. Prince Leo May 16, 2017

    The first dog looks like black trump

  5. Farmer McDonald May 16, 2017

    Dogs also like to roll around in cow pies then want you to pet them.

  6. Triggered May 16, 2017

    This is obviously another political humor cartoon. Picture 1 shows an objectified Trump as a cute cuddly puppy dog and not as a child eating Mollock Satan NAZI fascist with mind control capabilities. I am unbookmarking this page selling my shares in Adobe and putting on my pussy hat. From now on it’s only SadAndUselessHumor for me were there is only Latvian jokes.

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob May 16, 2017

    Now this is clear proof that dog is supposed to outside animals.

  8. Prince Leo May 17, 2017

    Dogs may make a mess and wreck your home, but they’d give their lives to protect you or your family. Dogs rule.

  9. They’re just smiling because they know it’ll be bath time soon.

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