Teenagers! Are You Tired Being Harassed by Your Stupid Parents?

Act Now! Move out, get a job, pay your own bills! Do it while you still know everything!

14 thoughts on “Teenagers! Are You Tired Being Harassed by Your Stupid Parents?”

  1. Replace teenagers with liberals and parents with government :D

  2. Curious. Everyone knows that republican Trump-fanboys are the hooligangs of politics. And everyone knows that more liberals have a job than Trump voters who voted for him in hope of new jobs after they lost theirs due to republican politics. In any way you turn it you are always wrong, Hein. Because you are just wrong. So sad. Such loser.

  3. Saw this one only 28 times on eatliver.com

  4. I know no such thing Mr. @T

  5. We all liberals have jobs, that’s why we hate welfare and never ask for free stuff.
    Those conservative freeloaders are the ones asking for free money. That’s why CA does not hold 1/3 of the welfare in the whole USA.

  6. Liberals ask for welfare because they can afford it. As they have a job and good salary they want to give something to the poor. Republicans on the other hand are either greedy or unemployed. Those who have like the aristocrats of old do not share wealth. Those who have nothing blame liberals for their misery and vote an aristocrat.
    Either way republicans are stupid or the worst a human can be.

  7. No, liberals demand welfare and demand someone else pay for it.

  8. Who? Reptards either steal or don’t earn money. You make no sense.

  9. And then he said: liberals demand welfare because they have money and want to give free stuff :D

  10. It’s called humanism. Sounds strange to selfish american ears. We know.

  11. It’s called “a lie”. Liberals are always demanding free services from government, complaining they have to work to pay their own health care bills.
    CA alone has 1/3 of whole USA welfare requests, and you’re saying they’re red state?

  12. Yeah, and it’s a really crusty old joke about insolent teenagers, not political affiliation. You people got a real problem

  13. A red state status says nothing about the need for welfare. Learn something about demographics. You’ll have to read other books than the bible.

  14. @zzz don’t be shy, please teach us something about demographics

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