Is Your Phone Kinda Slow?

8 thoughts on “Is Your Phone Kinda Slow?”

  1. The Moon landing is a hoax! A HOAX I TELL YA’!!!

  2. Who needs a computer to go to a photo studio?

  3. – Your mission was managed by brilliant scientists – my experience is ruined by greedy pigs
    – Your spaceship was tended by brilliant engineers – my device is coded by stupid programmers
    – Your spaceship was loaded with only necessary things – my device is loaded with useless crap
    – You had NASA – we have Google
    – Your adventure was a hoax – my torment is very real (joke)

  4. Even so, the faking of the the Moon landing is still a pretty impressive achievement compared to the downloading of an app.

  5. Space capsules absolutely went to the moon and orbited, then returned to earth. Tens of thousands of hams tracked them. Whether or not astronauts landed on the surface of the moon is up to you to believe. I seriously doubt they went through all that trouble to send them up for just a few orbits around though.

  6. My apps are not downloading fast enough and I am mad about it because I paid good money for my apps and its BS that an inferior product got the better of me.

  7. My apps download fine but some r resource hogs.

  8. No you didn’t.

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