People Who Had Worse Monday Than You

11 thoughts on “People Who Had Worse Monday Than You”

  1. I’ve seen that one with the pasta sauce lots of times, but it’s still one of my favourite pictures! The cat just makes it absolutely perfect.

  2. The coffin…wow! They are all bad but that…it’s something you would see in a movie!

  3. Yeah the one time I let my wife try and park the car,, it ended up in the pool too.

  4. years ago, i went to a funeral that was disrupted by a drunken driver. at 9 A.M.!!!! the drunks actually hit the family’s car, right behind the hearse. it was madness.

  5. Immediate disaster? (like a sinking ship?) Oh, quick! lemme take a picture!

  6. Coke can aint no problem. Jest push the tab in with yer thumb. Careful now, dont cut yer thumb.

  7. case with the glasses in the urinal was the worst, NOT!

  8. Pasta sauce? Look again – she beheaded her cat right there in the kitchen!

  9. Woman with the cake on the floor doesn’t look too impressed that person is taking a picture instead of helping lol

  10. All the ones with the ripped off parts of doors and locks, superman’s teen years.

  11. It shows the absolute essence of defeat.

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