World Traveler Finds Unique Way To Let Mom Know That He Is Fine

Couple of years ago Jonathan Quiñonez decided to put his job on hold and see the world. Being young, single, and childless, it was the perfect time for traveling. But he still had a major problem: how would he keep his mother updated on his experiences and, more importantly, his safety?

12 thoughts on “World Traveler Finds Unique Way To Let Mom Know That He Is Fine”

  1. He has too much time on this hands.

  2. Also money, he definitely does not travel budget.

  3. He probably makes money from this. Instagram influencers get paid a lot.

  4. I ignore influencers.

  5. i love this. why so much negativity?

  6. Love the Stargate T=shirt of the guy 2nd on the right in the last pic.

  7. That’s an alpha. Not the sign of the Tau’ri on the Chappa’ai.

  8. only two words: boring

  9. @Anonymus “I ignore influencers.” – You wrote 2 comments about this one.

  10. Boring is one word.

  11. Jealousy.

  12. Photoshop license is his most largest expense when travelling

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