Modern Warfare

12 thoughts on “Modern Warfare”

  1. bombs de facto do not cost much.
    similar to Mars zondes.
    Work costs a lot, however expenditure to manufacture the bomb or the aircraft stays within the country of origin.
    bomb materials usually are really, really cheap. Same goes for a plane.
    Whoever made this has no idea how economics work.
    Also killing a few terrorists is still better than sitting on your ass.

  2. And no one wins but the defense contractors.

  3. You sound like a smart fellow!

  4. Arabs must be real smart if they can orchestrate a $3.3 Trillion attack from that tent. Americans, eat your hearts out!

  5. Bill Clinton redux.

  6. In fact, I say we invest a few billion more in bombs, nuke the whole region, and send them off to be with their Allah before they try anything else!

  7. Billy reduced the military spending, lowered the deficit AND got creative with a cigar. Have him confused with the Son of a Bush and Uncle Dick.

  8. Neah, it’s not going to work. You will have to nuke also countries like France and UK – full of them. After that you will have to nuke US, because if you don’t, someone else will.

  9. “Billy” bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan while Monica was in front of the grand jury. “Billy” committed perjury and was impeached.

  10. Modern Website “eatliver” kills humor with old jokes.

  11. USA stops training and funding weapons for terrorists $0. USA stops assasinating foriegn leaders and putting terrorists in power $0. USA stops “helping” foreign countries with their civil disputes $0. We all leave the middle east to figure their own shit out $0. American money and those who have too much of it are the only problem and the rest of the world knows it. You are not heroes, u are terrorists, just too damn scared to see it, or too damn “patriotic” as you call it.

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