Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Paintings



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  1. Kauf Buch’s father on the street on his AA trip to London. No surprise.

    • I Don't Give A Fork July 5, 2017

      His dad’s so retard he’s drinking vegetable oil from the beer bottle

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob July 4, 2017

    Bubba’s been spending a lot of time in front of his computer and he says the one of them pichters looks sorta like Marat in his bathtub. Wasn’t he dying of suicide? Marat, that is, not Bubba..

  3. I have seen the ‘dog in the sunlight’ pic before but with the caption.
    > And God said, “who’s a good boy”

  4. A Mr Anthony Bowman July 6, 2017

    Now this is brilliant. Brilliant I say!

  5. What’s pizza skank’s face about? Is it really that good?

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