An Honest Mistake

10 thoughts on “An Honest Mistake”

  1. You know that you are out of your depth as President of the US of A, if you make guys like Putin and Kim look like the wiser leaders. No, I also don’t think that Mrs. Clinton would have been a good choice, either.

  2. In all truth, Kim Jong-un never said that he will denuclearize.

  3. “I would’nst not do the opposite of what I didn’t not just said.

    Oh. Never mind all the other stuff I said. Sentences that can’t be fixed with a single word. Because I can’t speak or think properly.

    I have a big brain. guys. Very bigly. Many have said it. Good folks. Smart people. They come up to me and say : “Donald, Sir President” – because that’s how they should say it, they say : “You have the bigliest brain”. And you know it. I know you do. The most bigly brain in history. And stable. But Hillary. Tiny, crooked puppet-brain Hillary… Where are the e-mails? Nobody know. Not even me, with my bigly brain. They are gone. Also the harddisk. Highest brain any president have ever had. No collussion!”

  4. Just so sad.

  5. You mean, like when Obama admitted to his Muslim faith? Oh, wait, one misspoke and the other didn’t. Hypocrites.

  6. Fake facts won’t become truth despite how often you spit them out.

  7. Well Zorg, now that you woke up from that 18 months coma, there’s a few things you need to know…

  8. Like his equally-consequential true-conservative predecessor Ronald Reagan, the profoundly effective Donald Trump is mercilessly ridiculed as this buffoonish clown TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN by the hysterically-biased media, HollyWeird, masked Anti-fagg*ts, etc, when he truly will go down as one of the best presidents that ever graced the Oval office (following the absolute WORST, FroBama, whose catastrophically willful mismanagement brought us to where we are as far as racial divisions, atrocious economy, rioting in the streets, etc). You’re welcome.

  9. Except Reagan is still regarded as a senile joke and a weak ineffectual leader. You’re welcome,

  10. If you’re condemning Obama for lying but giving Trump a pass for lying that would make you the hypocrite. Idiot.

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