Animals With Misleading Names


5 thoughts on “Animals With Misleading Names”

  1. Homo Sapien- “Wise Person”, as people debate weather gays should be allowed to marry because of a 2000 year old book which itself doesn’t say gays aren’t allowed to marry, Donald Trump moves closer to becoming the US president, the war on drugs creates drug cartels which are far worse than the drugs themselves, some people believing contrails are drugs released by the government to keep people docile and facebook exists.

  2. Producing enough nuclear warheads to blow up the entire planet 10 or more times. We could go on.

  3. What are weather gays? Sheesh, there are so many facets to this LGBT thing that it’s hard to keep up.

  4. You forgot guinea pigs, starfish, and American “buffaloes” (bison) and “politicians” (idiots, leeches and idiot leeches).

  5. Ah Tyrannus tyrannus… North south east west, isn’t any one point in space relative to any other point?
    I love you, you little tyrant.

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