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  1. The Good German June 11, 2017

    As always this meme is lame. I don’t know about you guys, but there is a ton of “girl jobs” that are definitly too hard for me. And I actually worked in a coal mine.

    • Have you learned Arabic yet?

    • The Bad German June 11, 2017

      Like what? ******* rich guys for half their net worth?

    • The Good German June 11, 2017

      What for? All Arabs I met and worked so far learned German.

    • I liked you used “so far”. How about when more and more cities create Sharia militia, now that it’s legal over there?

    • The Good German June 11, 2017

      Not much more people coming. Many got back home. Many who stay want or already became christians. Sharia is still a reason for many to have fled in the first place. And what is legal? Sharia? Who told you that fairy tale? Don’t watch too much of those right-winged lunatics’ YT-channels. Court made it clear they were just some morons in orange wests. It was a primitve provocation – that failed. No martyrs were made that day. Even other muslims despise them as they molested arabic looking people on the streets.

    • Kauf Buch June 12, 2017

      Leftist, the Good Goosestepper is clearly one of those muslims
      (pretending to be a European)
      who uses TAQIYYA to downplay the invasion with LIES.

    • Kauf Buch, you obviously have never been to Germany. Maybe you even haven’t ever been to Europe at all. The rubbish some, including you, spout here regarding Germany/Europe is simply wrong and has nothing to do with reality.

    • He’s never been anywhere but in front of his TV watching Fox & Friends.

  2. Just Sayin' June 11, 2017

    So, how hard do you think Trump worked for his millions? He certainly got the temporarily embarrassed millionaire vote.

  3. If it weren’t for men, we’d be living in stick houses and walk through muddy paths. When I look at the infra around us, I cannot see a single thing that has not been invented and created by men.

    • And with the rise of man hating, it will just escalate the resources available for development of artificial uteruses and s**bots. Which will of course be implemented and developed by men. 3rd wave feminists have dug the graves of their grand daughters.

    • Just because you don’t have the intellectual acuity to immerse yourself in a little research, don’t assume that women haven’t invented many, many things – you just end up appearing to all and sundry to be a half-wit.

    • Name one implementation that benefits the well being of humankind, that I can identify, that has been invented and developed by women, without the resources required by males to make this social value-add a reality. Just one.

    • You might answer Marie Curie, but did she have woman labor to dig up the radioactive stuff she required for her work? No, it was men, who died prematurely so she could do her job. Males have build the infra you see around you, with their sweat, blood and premature age of death. So **** you leftists antifa man haters. Without the self sacrifice of males, we would not have the standard of living that we all enjoy today.

    • So with your superior intellect compared to mine, Rattus, please name one value-add to modern society that is 100% accomplished by women. I asked this same question on Reddit, and didn’t get a single answer without an argumentation fallacy.

    • I did get lots of downvotes though, because that’s one thing Feminists and SJW’s understand how to do, without bleeding, working or losing time of their lives :)

    • Come on Rattus, with your intellect you must be able to think of one single invention + implementation that was 100% female based. I trust in your intellect being better than Reddit’s collective intellect.

    • Kauf Buch June 12, 2017

      Oh snap, Rattus is one of those Leftists
      who thinks “OH, YEAH?!?” is a refutation of an argument.

    • Beer. Produced by the gatherers of the tribe, utilizing gathered ingredients. All ladies.
      And Kaufy, I have a life. I’m not hovering like a carrion bird awaiting my turn at the corpse.

    • Ada the programming language was named after Lord Byron’s daughter, Ada Lovelace (1815–1852), who has been credited with being the first computer programmer. FYI.

  4. *implemented == invented (missing ‘edit’ functionality)

  5. NoYouLookItUp June 12, 2017

    Without the “self-sacrifice of males” we wouldn’t have the standard of living we have today? Are you kidding me right now? Self-sacrifice? That’s what you’re calling the actual oppression of women throughout the centuries? Women were prevented from getting higher educations or jobs or even voting and you’re gleefully holding this against us for not having contributed sufficiently to your standard of living while we were forced into domestic servitude and child rearing? You seriously have issues with women and should get some counseling for your problem. And like others have said, do some research of your own rather than mouthing off like a pathetic Reddit troll and feeling glib about your toxic masculinity which you can only pound out from a keyboard. I bet you’re totally dominated by a woman in real life and this is your only pathetic release at feeling like a big man.

    • Kauf Buch June 12, 2017

      NYLIU, ya need a new diaper; your whiny, self-pity sh!t is overflowing.

    • “Women were prevented from getting higher educations”
      There is no higher education required to work in a coal mine or in road construction, for instance. Why don’t women who want to be treated equal and take the same jobs as men actually take these jobs?

    • NoYouLookItUp June 12, 2017

      Wow I can see I’m not dealing with people who are playing with full decks since one of you bleated out the old diaper bullshit just like every other dim witted Trumpanzee and the other of you is quoting something I said to explain why *historically* women didn’t participate in the work force as much as men and applying it to shit jobs. First of all, there are plenty of women who work in construction these days, and as for coal mining it’s a dead end industry anyway. The only people whining about coal jobs do not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend why it’s a terrible idea to try and revive this toxic energy source, so it’s a stupid example. Women have fought – and won – for their place in the military defending this country, including the Neanderthals like you who live in it without any gratitude for the role women play in our world. You only want to denigrate us because you listen to ******* like Mike Cernovich who couldn’t handle the fact that his first wife became a successful lawyer and made tons more money than he did, so he divorced her and collected a shitload of alimony but calls other men “cucks.” You’re actually sad boys, probably lonely boys, and you’ve resorted to insulting women on line because they don’t pay enough attention to you in real life. Now do you think it gives you some cred to discredit those women who who are breaking barriers and working in technology, science, engineering, and other previously male-dominated professions where because of long-held sexist attitudes, their mandates are even tougher than their male counterparts? That’s fine though, you can spew whatever Pepe frog bullshit misogynist bile you’ve got, no one cares outside your tiny digital bubble of self-importance.

    • TLDR. I’ll wait launching on Netflix.

  6. Black Facer June 12, 2017

    Coal miners are racists

  7. Salzigtal June 12, 2017

    “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Timothy Francis Leary

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