Top 15 Merit Badges for Millennial Life Achievements




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  1. Professional Handshaker November 9, 2015

    I think these are made up. LOL.

  2. Lazier Than Thou November 9, 2015

    I deserve some merit badges.
    However, I don’t deserve 15 merit badges.

  3. Cleo Auburn November 9, 2015

    I am like so offended, I mean this is like social economic typecast, and smells of ageism. Landlord, I’m holding a hunger strike until you remove this comic, and will never buy Canadian products again, I’m like erasing my Justin Bieber MP3’s because of you, you are such a bad man.

    • Well, it would be a shame if someone actually cared about you being offended :)

  4. why get off the ‘family cell plan’ it saves a ton of money, just pay the family your share…

  5. I have another one:
    “Replied, ‘You’re Welcome’ [and not ‘No Problem’]” when someone thanks you.

  6. Paying with your own money is not possible, since you do not “own” money,
    It’s always the governement’s money, or in the case of the US, the federal reserve’s money.
    I think I qualify for all the other badges, except the family cell phone plan, since I was never on one.
    Oh, and I never watched ‘narcos’, so that one’s out as well.
    Meh, still leaves me with 12 badges.

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