He Did Exactly As She Asked

Could you please go shopping and buy one jug of milk and, if they have avocados, get six.

19 thoughts on “He Did Exactly As She Asked”

  1. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

  2. Clever.

  3. Very old joke retold for the modern age. (now with pictures….. and still not very funny.)

  4. what’s the old joke ?

  5. Yes cause men are so dumb. Haha. They only built the world.

  6. Why is he sitting with hands like he s riding a bicycle in the first picture?

  7. Same exact joke. No pictures.

    Just add wife says…” ” and guy returns with….

  8. Weak men do this on purpose so they won’t be asked to help with the chores again. Same with dishes when the plates are broken in the end. Long list.

  9. Yeah, I wonder what the pyramids should really had to look like…

  10. The whole concept of ‘helping the Mrs’ tells enough about the society in Murica. Grow up.

    Best greetings, Scandinavia

  11. And she’s bouncing an invisible ball.

  12. Buy one, get six. That is theft..

  13. What, is like difference between let’s eat Grandma and let’s eat, Grandma. Sit down and have potato.

  14. Great point!

    She looks soooo excited about giving him a shopping list.

  15. Right, Scandinavia. Mericans are such Neanderthals.

  16. Let’s eat Potatoe.

  17. It’s all fake news/pictures.

  18. We need more Mohammedans here in Norway due the overabundance of soy boys.

    Your President, nothing but love.

  19. It’s the difference between;
    The Babylon Bee, CNN, EatLiver, The Onion.

    and those sites that deal with the news.

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