Mighty Russian Police



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  1. Lars von Hugenbruck October 11, 2014

    It would be perfect if the tall guy in the last picture change his jacket with the small guy next to him. His jacket is way too wide….

  2. i love russia

  3. History Channel October 11, 2014

    I understand why some people hold the opinion that if it wasn’t for that harsh winter in 1942/43 nazi germany would have overrun russia… same fate like Napoleons army. Both driven from the field by extraordinary winters.

    • Serbian citizen March 31, 2015

      Both Napoleon and Hitler would meet the same fate, with or without winter. It would just take more time. Believe me, i was in Russia two times.

  4. Jojo Komodo October 11, 2014

    These pics have inspired me, I’m off to write a Russian version of Police Squad! Starring Lesnik Nielsonovich as Lt Frank Dreblinski.

  5. This is a joke, right?

  6. Nope, it’s not a joke. It’s evidence of how long it takes for a nation to recover from communism/socialism.

    • True, 20 yrs is not enough..

    • Spoken like a true Westerner. There is no recovery.
      If anything, there is regression – things are so bad over there, the people are actually full of nostalgia for the olden days. Which is actually one of the things Putin is playing off of in his public addresses .

  7. i <3 putin

  8. I hate to break this to you, but these fellows think they are superior to you and me.

    • I hate to break *this* to you but we actually don’t give a sh#t just about anything… least of all who the fok you are and how you compare to us. Grow up

  9. Cipiro Meerlow October 12, 2014

    Don’t even get me started with American ones..

  10. Ivan Sonavavich October 13, 2014

    Is the blond babe with the DADD shirt Russian police too?

  11. The pic with the one trying to light the wiener is my new screen saver.

  12. This same series could be made with specially chosen US police and the results would be just as funny.

  13. Oh dear. Those uniforms are flattering to NOBODY.

  14. FYI. Actually spme of them are Ukranian policemen, the uniform is mostly identical. But in some pictures one can see that the letters and emblems are not russian.

  15. BlueLivesMatter November 2, 2022

    LMAO the pic with a cop with his girlfriend sitting on one side of the bench and 2 cops sitting in the other side of the bench is hilarious

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