Why Was He Crying?

Why was the anti-vaxxer's 2 year old child crying? Midlife crisis.

10 thoughts on “Why Was He Crying?”

  1. Dark and too early

  2. Don’t worry, he didn’t cry any more after getting vaccinated. He just stared at the wall counting bumps in the paint.

  3. Ignorance like that gives me a special warm feeling (no I haven’t pissed myself laughing). It’s just one more person that you don’t have to worry about in the competition that is life… well apart from providing funds for his special needs education.

  4. The NWO has determined there are too many unnecessary people in the world using precious resources, and they should be eliminated. Only those needed to provide vital services for the elite should be allowed to survive and reproduce. Once vaccines prevented deadly diseases that killed millions; now they are just placebos to give the semi-literate a false sense of well being. The lowest classes are aborted either by the false flag of “choice”, or eliminated by force as with the Chinese. The lowest classes need to be exterminated to guarantee the perpetuity of the deserving elites that can truly understand and appreciate life on our precious planet.

  5. Groot, vaccination doesn’t magicly cause autism. The studies were fake, the man who faked them admited to it. Autism is a condition you are born with.
    Actually there is nothing that can cause autism post natal. It’s how the brain is build. It’s genetic.

  6. I’m working on a virus that will sterilize only individuals with an IQ below 120 – maybe higher. Still have to do the exact math. Once in the invorenment it will be delivered by the foodchain over the whole globe. It can rest dormant for centuries in several hosts and habitats. You may think I’m a mad man but in the long term your offspring will be thankfull.
    Not only will it clear the genepool of useless people. It will also increase the evolutionary strain for mankind to become smarter. And smarter people have less children and do understand the connections between birth control, overpopulation, limited resources, climate change, etc. And are much more likely to overcome these problems.
    Do not fear. Everything will be good. There is still a future for mankind. Even if your genes aren’t in it.

  7. @Dat what’s involvement?

  8. Damn spell checker :/
    I mean, what’s invorenment?

  9. Why it”s almost impossible to know where are the places of dances and music, during flower festival? I don”t understand why it”s so difficult for thai tourist office to publish that kinf of informations I am tourist, I appreciate that festival and every time the same problem of information; it”s pity !!

  10. Dat’s genes can get out of the pool too

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