Memory Loss Is No Laughing Matter

You have a disease that causes memory loss. Is it contagious? Is what contagious?

12 thoughts on “Memory Loss Is No Laughing Matter”

  1. It’s called being Joe Biden and it’s fatal lets hope.

  2. Better a honest Biden who forgets things because he’s old than a lier who tries hard to cover up his crimes, aka Trump.

  3. I’m waiting to see his laptop with the pron and crack smoking and the 10% to the big guy.

    I don’t believe the previous POTUS was ever convicted of anything?

  4. You have to remember this a Canadian site. They just re-elected Justine Socks Trudeau. A proven crook convicted of three ethics’s violations. OF COURSE they love them some Sleepy Joe. They feel feel more comfortable with criminals running their country. Someone that was never convicted of a crime, EVER like Trump is their enemy for life. Strange mindset I know but if you ever had the misfortune to be in Canada you would understand. Seriously messed people.

  5. That didn’t stop him to accuse and smear others all the time during his term. So, equal rights for all. If Trump is an honest man he has nothing to fear, right? Or do you want to suggest Trump was lying and has to hide something?

  6. The Canadians respect the results of a democratic election. Other than half of the Americans. I’m not Canadian. I’m an ally to America. To the People – not their criminal president Trump.
    The American justice system is flawed and outdated. It’s also more showbusiness than court. The best entertainer wins the jury. And Trump not being convicted doesn’t mean anything. Many times he used his wealth to buy himself free from justice. The shady American system of settlements and deals with the state attourneys helped him. In America you can be a criminal and walk free if you have the funds. At the moment Trump’s followers are funding his next escape with their “donations”. So sad.

  7. Retardation of the American justice system: www forbes com/sites/brucelee/2021/10/09/woman-seeks-1-million-from-geico-after-allegedly-getting-hpv-from-car-s e x/

  8. He was convicted of running a fraud charity. Had it not been for his partners in crime in the Senate, he would have been impeached twice.

  9. According to him and his votaries it was a witchhunt.

  10. America hate! America hate! Mindless. Baseless. Useless. Just pure jealousy. Sad.

  11. Oh, poor Amiboy is crying. He can dish it out but he can’t take a hit himself. Knockout in the first round. So sad. Snowflake story.

  12. The only crying going on is the never ending chorus of Anti American whining on this socialist bot run site. Keep it going though. We need the laughs 🤣

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