Artist Brilliantly Mashes Up Pop Culture With Famous Paintings

Hayati┬áis an artist from Cyprus who is trying to bridge the gap between the present and the past by mixing some of the world’s most famous paintings with characters from pop culture, along with some memes. Scroll down to see the best examples.

When memes meet art...

Iron Man meets art.

Pickle Rick meets art.

R2D2 meets art.

The creation of Spider-Man.

Deadpool meets art.

When a meme meets art.

Saint Stallone.

Kardashian meets art.

Not your usual kind of ballerina.

The king of all Burger Kings.

Snoop Dogg meets art.

Pikachu meets art.


Batman with one missing ear.

Stranger Things meets art.

Rick and Morty mashed with a painting.

Breaking Bad meets art.

Pokemon meets art.

Super Mario mashed up with a painting.

6 thoughts on “Artist Brilliantly Mashes Up Pop Culture With Famous Paintings”

  1. Where is the art? You call him artist, I call him Copy&Paste Photoshop kiddy.

  2. Its creative at least, come on.
    Someone Photoshop a **** in your mouth recently?

  3. Yes and it was your moms. The pics are garbage and not creative.

  4. The 1 eared Batman is brilliant.

    And rip, Stan Lee.

  5. Van Gogh as Batman is just great.

  6. STFU retard !

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