Wives Tweeting About Marriage

7 thoughts on “Wives Tweeting About Marriage”

  1. What a bunch of lovely folks. Surely, they will build a legacy worth discussing.

  2. To Christie Johnson:
    Mission accomplished: Stopped reading after the phrase not wearing any underwear. Be there soon.

  3. I am divorced. Some of these are some of the reason.

  4. bunch of ***** that will fleece thier husbands of every dime they can

  5. Personally I think the tweets are funny as hell (and agree with Just me’s comment above, I’m on the way, Christie!). Having been a married man for over 35 years I can offer this advice: Men are always wrong. Always. If a man is alone in the forest, is he still wrong? You bet he is. If he went out there alone, he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing, and if he has that much time, he should be taking his wife out, instead. If you’re not willing to face the fact that in any disagreement, you’re the person who’s wrong, don’t get married.
    But: you know that thing you want her to do, that she won’t do, because it’s wrong/gross/hurts/ is expensive? If in disagreements you start out by saying, “You’re right honey, I was mistaken, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, you’re absolutely right, I love you,” she may well decide that she ought to go ahead and do it for you, because you’re such a loving, dedicated, supportive guy, who listens to her and understands her needs so well, and she loves you so much.

  6. Very cute!

  7. My wife gets mad when i introduce her as my future Ex wife

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