Same Sex Marriage Is Not Gay Privilege



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  1. not true. marriage itself is a privilege, not a right. that’s why family members aren’t allowed to marry each other, or why adults can’t marry minors.

    • Good point.

    • Please give us an example of a right, then. There are many things minors are not allowed to do that adults consider their right. Are these adults mistaken when they think they have the right to choose their own religion?

  2. Poofters should’ve just invented something new. All the straight people I know are divorced anyway!

  3. Too stupid; obviously written by some embittered homosexual Leftist who has no understanding of the American Constitution vis a vis “not taxing” churches.

  4. Angry ballzach September 4, 2017

    Well, this is just retarded.
    To have the ability to tax a church, the government would have to regulate and license the churches, which violates the first amendment.
    Honest to God, hasn’t anyone ever taken a civics class?

    • vidalia poopnoodle September 4, 2017

      i am not regulated, nor am i ‘licensed’ (except to drive), yet i as an American citizen am taxed. repeatedly.

  5. Cults get away with everything. Stealing, lying, raping……… whatever they want. Their excuse: it’s our religion. Bravo.

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