Mario Bros




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  1. GOP unicorn June 13, 2014

    who cares about his name! he’s a tree hugging liberal!

  2. Momma, my-a name is Luigi!

  3. Sarah Palin June 15, 2014

    What kind of name is “Luigi”? Someone get that guy’s birth certificate! He’s not one of us!

  4. Professor Barnstorm June 17, 2014

    Whatssa matta you! Whatta you gonna say! Dontcha love that taste, what chyou mama gonna say? Eatchyou geno’s pizza roles a they a nice hot snack.

    • What’s-a matta you? Hey!
      Gotta no respect
      Whattaya think you do?
      Why you look-a so sad?
      It’s-a not so bad
      It’s a nice-a place
      Ah, shaddup you face!

  5. Anonymous July 3, 2014

    I thought their last names were Mario, hence…? And yes that does make him Mario Mario.

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