Manternity Photos

“My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place.”
– DruishPrincess69

11 thoughts on “Manternity Photos”

  1. How sweet and lovely pictures! Though, I don’t want to be around when that “baby” comes out…

  2. Hey Elvis, say hi to Jim Morrison and Salmon Rushdie when you get back to your van down by the river!

  3. So funny! What a sense of humor. But,… you only had me until the last pic. Huh?

  4. What a skinny kid. I could do a heck of lot better than that. As far as that goes, so could my wife, and she’s 70 year old.

  5. I know that was fake because your nips are too light and the timer has not popped (innie) …

  6. You know that feeling when you feel extremely embarrassed for someone else? Well…

  7. I found this pretty funny and when I was pregnant I never got an outie. My belly button stayed an innie the whole time lol

  8. Hahahaha I applaud that guy for having the balls to take those kind of pics. It’s nice having fun once in a while.

  9. Food baby.

  10. slow clap for you sir slow clap for you

  11. ..Ewwww. what is that!!

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