Real Men Only Do It In One Trip

Manly shopping.

9 thoughts on “Real Men Only Do It In One Trip”

  1. “Real men do it in only one trip.”

  2. Real Men go grocery shopping?? Not in my house!
    I send this knowing my wife will not see this or I’d be deep trouble.

  3. What a loser. What has he teeth for? There is space for another bag!

  4. That only works if you don’t have swamp ass

  5. I was hoping that someone would catch and comment on the wording of that sentence. Thanks.

  6. Not even worth this comment…..

  7. A real man can do everything. Even grocery shopping. No limits.

  8. or fill the other 2 bags up properly and dont use your ass at all

  9. Or divide bags between hands. What’s he practicing with his ass for?

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