Real Men Only Do It In One Trip


Manly shopping.


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  1. Cox-a-'splodin' May 30, 2018

    “Real men do it in only one trip.”

    • Real Men go grocery shopping?? Not in my house!
      I send this knowing my wife will not see this or I’d be deep trouble.

    • Calvin Dunn May 31, 2018

      I was hoping that someone would catch and comment on the wording of that sentence. Thanks.

    • A real man can do everything. Even grocery shopping. No limits.

  2. What a loser. What has he teeth for? There is space for another bag!

  3. That only works if you don’t have swamp ass

  4. Pistal666 June 2, 2018

    Not even worth this comment…..

  5. or fill the other 2 bags up properly and dont use your ass at all

  6. Or divide bags between hands. What’s he practicing with his ass for?

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