Check Out The Latest Menswear Collection From The London College of Fashion



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  1. This is the downfall of Western civilisation.

    • It is indeed

    • So the show before this one wasn’t yet the downfall? What will you say when the college has yet another show and there’s still civilization? Are you sure your pearl clutching isn’t an overreaction?

    • I agree fully with you

    • Harmless art. No downfall. It’s like abstract painting. No one would wear that on the street. And if he would be diagnosed with a mental illness or be a celebrity provoking to get publicity.

  2. Kuchenbauch March 3, 2018

    This is amazing. Thank you, eatliver.

  3. Is the “censored” sign part of the outfit?

    • Soo you want to see sht

      You must be sick or ya lonely
      How ya gonna diss me if ya don’t even know me

  4. FashionMan March 4, 2018

    Haut Couture or not. This only shows the designer is on crack – or a fraud.

    Haut Couture is meant to show of skill in sewing and design. Instead they are making models look like a nightmare on acid.

    • As a designer myself, I think the person that created the two-color outfits actually did a good job. Of course, they are completely not wearable for the public as is, but the collection is cohesive and cleanly-constructed. If the silhouettes were reined in closer to a traditional shape while keeping the same color blocking, I think they would look amazing and original. Hmmm, maybe I should borrow the idea…

    • Cpt. Obvious March 4, 2018

      > This is bad because it is not catering to MY PERSONAL preferences

      Oh please GFY.

  5. David Byrne March 4, 2018

    I sense a Talking Heads concert coming on.

  6. Less than well educated March 4, 2018

    Some of these designs will soon be available at your local Good Will or Salvation Army stores. I got $20 in my pocket, looking for a come up…

  7. Kauf buch March 4, 2018

    Me like you son me wear tomorrow to kfc

  8. Anyone listen to Robbie Williams ? Im into his feel song right now😥

  9. Laughing my ass off :D

  10. I just checked and apparently there is no dignity to be found in the fashion world

  11. That London College of Fashion must be populated with some limp-wristed, twinkle-toed type of fellas, knowhatimsayin?

  12. Xargugor IV October 18, 2019

    Burn this shit down.
    This is degenerate art.
    I spit on this cranky and whimsical whatever-style.

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