Manliest Guy Ever



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  1. nothing AM rifle can’t handle

  2. The funny thing is that this dude probably hasn’t had a beer in years because of how closely he counts his carbs.

  3. Justa Man July 19, 2014

    Now, this is more like it. No sissy cats…

  4. I ran out of hair gel I need a toque.

  5. Robert E Howard July 19, 2014

    By Crom, I approve of this and all it has inspired.

  6. Is this a guy from Duck Dynasty?

  7. Is that what look ‘tough’ to white people? pfft

  8. ZZ Bottom July 20, 2014

    This guy is what Chuck Norris wishes he could be.

    • No. This guy looks like what happens when you take steroids and drugs to remove body fat. All that excessive muscle would make him slow, any good martial artist would destroy him.

    • That is not likely a steroid body. he may have used them to help, but that is a perfectly attainable body through hard work. I’m built almost like that, but he’s a bit bulkier. not sitting on your ass all day helps…

  9. Jojoblowblow August 1, 2014

    or maybe, he is michael phelps and only has 2 percent body fat

  10. I’m scared for life eeeeu!!!

  11. Beanie? lol still a hipster. Probably started doing bodybuilding ironically and got addicted.

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