Funny Parodies of Hipsters’ Melodramatic Captions


So deep. So thought-provoking. Much wow.


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  1. Locketpocket July 22, 2018

    Um….ok. Not funny. Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. That’s because Trump ruined humor just as he ruined democracy. Humor and everything else was better when we mindlessly followed Obama.

  3. I liked some of these. But 4-5 pictures down, I was full. Satisfied. And the rest was like eating while vomitting. I should have stopped earlier.

    A single cat would have changed everything. Why no cats? They are popular among emo instagramsers, yes? They should be. Cats are amazing.

    Cats > Dogs > Instagramdogs

    • Catman, I love your posts!

      I was full after the first couple as well..and yes, a cat pic would have changed anything. That or a pic of the pumpkin-head president.

    • that’s “changed everything”.. Damn, no edit function on Eat Liver!

  4. disclaimer July 23, 2018

    These are dipsters, not hipsters.

  5. What kind of a moron does it take to blame this page’s lack of humor on Trump? Oh, wait… that was another unfunny joke! I guess that answers my question.

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