Make-A-Wish Foundation Meets Timmy




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  1. Batmans parents weren’t killed by a sniper. Fail.

    • That’s the only thing you find wrong about this comic?

    • Typical rump voter.

    • @dat, you can make ANYTHING about President Trump, can’t you? It’s time to get over yourself.

    • @landlord
      1) no control over the weapon, not a natural firing position supporting it,
      2) is a lefthander,
      3) head in a position to imply she isn’t looking through the scope,
      4) her top is green which is the colour of islam implying this could also be islamophobic
      5) she attacks typical supportive family models.
      Due to these points, I’d say she was actually an extreme leftist and would vote for Hilary not Trump

  2. Next on the wish todo list: Make Timmy unimaginably rich.

  3. Prince Leo May 15, 2017

    This comic is shallow and pedantic

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