The Best Selling Magazine In The Middle East

18 thoughts on “The Best Selling Magazine In The Middle East”

  1. And they go through 1 before then can get finished saying Kahlua Snackbar.

  2. …and American schools.

  3. And among Trump voters.

  4. Is magazine for AK-47, a Russian rifle. Americans like AR15’s. Stupid gun grabbing leftists show their ignorance again. You could tell them is bazooka they believe you.

  5. now now Trump voters don’t all have 30 round clips – they’re outlawed in California.
    California – where we are letting our violent felons out of jail.
    But the 30 round mag – oh the horror!

  6. Bazzooka would be illegal in Kalifornia – except for the arms given to the Mexicans by Obama, cuz that’s ok.

  7. Hahaha, Bazuca.

  8. Come on. Those lunatic Trump voter have both. In case of a zombie apocalypse you can’t have enough weapons. Question is who are the zombies. I see those strange people following Trump and ranting “Hate, hate, hate”. Sounds like zombies. So the zombies have the weapons. Damn.

  9. Bunch of idiots

  10. Actually it’s for M70 AB2, tovari┼í Kala┼ínikov. Get your facts together.

  11. Sorry, I don’t have any guns. Just knifes. Small ones. More like tools. I’m at a much safer place than the US. We usually don’t kill each other.

  12. @The World
    Zombies are a metaphor for you Chucky the 3rd’s.
    **** The Party, defund the state. Woo Whoo!

  13. Now it’s official. US voters are the dumbest ***** on earth.
    It’s not like Turkey, Russia, those were never free. But the US? They just vote a little Hitler again.

  14. I’m excited that Shaun Penn is moving to Venezuela if he keeps his promise. US will be a better place and so will Venezuela. Hope Michael Moore joins him.
    Woo Whoo!

  15. Right. It’s called a brain drain. Best thing that can happen to country that wants to be great again. Happened to nazi germany too. We know how that ended.
    But, well. You have four years to come to your senses. Well, if your beloved leader will let you vote again.

  16. @The World
    Keep repeating the party line, maybe you can indoctrinate a few 18 year olds in Berkeley.

  17. Sean Penn and Michael Moore leaving is a brain drain?
    Ha ha

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