Secret MacBook Pro Feature

9 thoughts on “Secret MacBook Pro Feature”

  1. Wow, I just tried it! It’s true!

  2. Yes!!! Amazing product Apple, A++, i can also confirm that is true!

  3. OMG, it is REALLY working!

  4. Joe Bob stepped on a apple. It jest skwooshed and got juice all over the floor. He hurd it was a good way to make applesauce. Nope, not good.

  5. Looks like a bathmat to me

  6. Eatliver is awesome for figuring this out! :DDD

  7. So, he’s 0630 pounds or 0630 kilos? Oh, I got it, it’s the date, June 30th. It can be the time; there’s no AM or PM. It actually measure the size of your shoe. This time I’m for real, it’s the level of BS on a scale from 0 to 0630.

  8. Wow dude. Have you been watching Sherlock?

  9. Really?

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