10 thoughts on “Mmmm…”

  1. Is this… Is this Kauf Buch?

  2. Göbbels: Mein Führer, you lost something.

    Der Führer: Waaaaas!??

    Göbbels: WWII ^_^

  3. Plausible. But what about the waffels? Aren’t they more important?

  4. You are SO sad…SUCH a LOSER!

  5. Sargent Schultz: “I know nossink! I eat everysssink!”

  6. Schultzy better hope those pastries are halal.

  7. Halal? Da fuk

  8. Hallal with pork fat. As usual.

  9. A little lard makes the crust nice and flaky.

  10. Best comment! Halal! love it!

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