Dogs And Food: This Is What True Love Looks Like

11 thoughts on “Dogs And Food: This Is What True Love Looks Like”

  1. Dogs will eat anything. Even faeces.

  2. Then they lick your face and put mucus and faeces all over it. Don’t you just love dogs?

  3. this list is not complete

  4. Dumb dog involved in cupcake caper is prime suspect.

  5. I like you and your post. This is exactly the issue. Dogs just want to studf their stupid face. With *anything* that smell even slightly more interesting than dirt.

    And the way a dog will do tricks or ‘beg’ for a slice of food. Stupid.

    You spilled some food? You got some spoiled meat? Your child vomitted on the floor? Have no fear! The dog already munched it up. Keep your feet and toes safe at night. Your dog might eat them.

    Cats > Catfood > Dogs

  6. Woof

  7. Cat: “Oh dear, some cat – *me*, you say? – has soiled the sand. Let’s bury this neatly and say it didn’t happen.”

    Dog: “Look what I made! Dibs!”

    Cats > Dogs > the empty vacuum between the stars (maybe)

  8. First pic… “Master has given Dobie food. Dobie does not want to be free.”

  9. My dogs (all five) just drool over what they want and then you give it to them drool and all. They are certainly not daft are they!! dogs know how to manipulate humans, Now who is supposed to be at the top of the food chain!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cats.

  11. Shush

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