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  1. Professional Handshaker August 3, 2015

    You meant:
    “If you CAN point out Zimbabwe on THIS map you shouldn’t be too upset they lost a lion”
    Cause I can’t point out Zimbabwe on this map and I’m upset. Mainly because they did not lost him, some white guy came from US shot it.

    • Not to be pernickety but that is south America not africa

    • Professional Handshaker August 3, 2015

      @zelda: Ummm… yes.. this is why I can’t point out Zimbabwe on this map. Can you?

    • slippy fist August 3, 2015

      Considering its not in south America its kind of impossible to point it out on this map. So stupid its not even a point.

  2. Swedens Emperor August 3, 2015

    Yea that’s lovely and all, but it’s also the wrong continent. It would take a minimum of 41 murricans to realize this.

  3. It’s easy. Zimbabwe is in the middle of Argentina, right?

  4. The Hunter of Hunters August 3, 2015

    If this is what u Norte Americanos can produce to defend your Mad Dentist then….. And in all sincerity, i dont Think this is a lughing matter. Really.

    • Lazier Than Thou August 3, 2015

      The US sends drones to other countries, kills innocent people along side “terrorists” and the world yawns.
      A man kills a lion and the world loses its’ mind.
      Perspective, people. It’s an overgrown cat that lived a life that was probably better than most humans in Africa. Get over it.

    • Do you mean it’s a luging matter? It’s not quite the right weather for luging.

  5. Xenophobia... August 3, 2015

    Anyone got a map of the Atlantic?
    See if the same logic holds for Malaysia Airlines flight MH307?
    Perhaps a map of Canada so we can point to Ground Zero?
    No? Oh well.

  6. Wim ten Brink August 3, 2015

    Actually, Zimbabwe would be at about the same location as Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and less than 10,000 KL to the west.
    So yeah, I can point the location of Zimbabwe on this map. :D Somewhere in the bottom side of Bolivia and a lot to the west.

  7. Greetings from President John Mugabe. I am most pleased you are worrying about an old lion in my country instead of the genocide and runaway inflation that we famous for.

  8. i just…..why do you people let the obvious trolls win? clearly this OP was troll. i mean you can see the troll watermark practically.

  9. I can understand that sport trophy hunting is cruel and needless, and that lions are a species that has a declining population. I don’t need to know where Zimbabwe is to be unhappy. This is effectively the same as saying if you don’t know where a hospital is, it’s ok that people are dying there from malpractice (it obviously isn’t).

  10. People, it said ‘on a map’ and this is a map. Any map would suffice here. We are concerned about Cecil because humans are a lost cause. They will kill each other no matter what but we can try to prevent this from happening to other animals.

  11. I can’t point out Twin Towers, either…

  12. Stupid logic is stupid

  13. isnt that south america?

  14. So a person shouldn’t be sad an animal died just because the cant point out a certain location on a map?

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