Let’s Make This Happen! Like For Jesus!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Make This Happen! Like For Jesus!”

  1. This isn’t Jesus, this is that Leeam guy. Nice try Eatliver, but us smart folks is too sharp for this.

  2. you people should not what you because of money

  3. I didn’t think there were cameras in baby Jebus’ times.

  4. This guy has blue eyes and fair hair. Jesus was born in the Middle East. He would have been Arabic in appearance.

  5. Hair like wool. Feet the color of bronze.

  6. How dare you!

  7. “I have a certain set of skills. . I will hunt you down. . I will find you and I will KILL you!”

  8. Yeah, that’s Leeam Nimoy from Star Walk. You can’t fool us.

  9. No wiser words were ever spokun

  10. You forgot he is the son of God. He could look like he wanted to – like Tom Cruise or Jackie Chan for instance. Or both at ones. Imagine that – it would be awesome – a Top Gun super martial art son of a God! Count me in for the Gospel, hallelujah!

  11. No such thing.

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