Very Stable Genius

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  1. Genius _and_ non-conformist

  2. POTUS on very first try, economy booming, international affairs having better end results (i.e. isis gone).
    He is a temperamental genius =)

  3. President Fredo should avoid taking boat trips on Lake Tahoe.

  4. I could wave and put my hand in front of someone else’s face like the last genius, because I’m a narcissist and the only person that matters.

  5. Second try, ecomony a result of actions taken under Obama, engaging in battle of half-wits with other lunatic with nuclear capability.

    Only unutterable morons have even the smallest scintilla of respect for the currently reigning psycho.

  6. Trump’s the only one of those guys who knows how to properly hold hands- He’s a genius!

  7. Little tip – If you are really smart, you would not have to tell. People would notice.

  8. POTUS Asteriscus V failed in his previous election attempts, 2000 (MM), 2008 (MMVIII), 2012 (MMXII). That makes him a 3 (III) time loser.

  9. Obama is a genius!! He managed to boost the economy even though Trump came and completely changed the direction it was going.
    It’s difficult for libs to deny the current economy boom, then they’re saying the current government is not being responsible for what it’s doing :O

  10. He’s definetly no genuis. But without doubt a covfefe.

  11. As always the followup is praising himself for the booming economy. But everyone with a mind knows it’s always the former government that brought it into the right direction as it takes time to see the effects. Like Clinton settled the US finances for Bush to spend it all on war. Trump also has always been good on spending other peoples’ money. Don’t expect him to pay his bills for his presidency. Maybe the US will kill itselves like the other victims he ruined.

  12. Should we click the link or did the “pundit” said everything s/he wanted to say in the URL?

  13. Are you idiots using Gateway Pundit as a cite the same morons I used to have to ignore because they were bolstering their arguments with Breitbart and Infowars? I would take your points more seriously if you would reference reputable news organs or balanced economists.

  14. “if the info being presented to me confirms my views, the source is trustworthy and legit. If it don’t, it’s all lies and fake news and whoever made it is a NAZI”.
    – every SJW ever.

  15. If the cite came from, say, The National Post, I would be more inclined to take them seriously. While I disagree assiduously with their political stance and I loathe their management with every fibre of my being, they are a reputable paper and I don’t believe they deliberately lie. But not being a RWNJ, I am not an idiot and I am capable of discerning nuance and context.

  16. “I am not an idiot ”

    Don’t sell yourself short.

  17. In other news, Hillary still lost. It had nothing to do with Russia.

  18. Correct. Hillary lost because too many Americans are…wow, I am having a hard time denigrating half a country this way, but seriously – you voted for Trump. You are morons. And by you, I mean everyone who voted for Trump, everyone who voted independent, and everyone who chose not to vote at all. I mean, I get that you weren’t particularly happy with your choices, but anyone who has paid any attention to the world around them for the past three decade or so is eminently aware of precisely what a useless sociopath Trump is and would have done anything in their power to ensure that he did not get the job.

  19. Someone call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance for Ratbrain.

  20. Not crying. Just stunned and appalled that there are that many stupid Americans. I mean, I’ve always known that education was not compatible with freedom in the eyes of an unfortunately not insignificant percentage of the population, and freedom trumps all else, but still…

  21. Great. The rich are getting richer.

  22. That’s what he promised his voters… wait!

  23. Hillary didn’t lose. The electors betrayed the voters and ignored their votes. Curious US election system where your vote is worth nothing if the elector is bribed. It’s all fake. Like american bosoms. So sad.

  24. You’d better send that ambulance to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to collect the current resident. He’s too far gone to realize his condition, and his entourage doesn’t have the guts to tell him for fear of their position. So sad.

  25. Crooked Hillary DID lose. Or haven’t you noticed? I’m glad the electoral college was set up to keep NY and LA from deciding how the rest of us should live. A lot of us deplorable, “stupid Americans” can plainly see how corrupted Clinton is(and we have evidence!). For many of us, it’s not that we love Trump so much, but anyone was preferable to the Clinton crime cartel. And you Canadians have a lot of heart, considering what your PM is doing to your country. Enjoy your freedom of speech(lol), and Sharia law, he is paving the way for it.

  26. You don’t have evidence and you are a moron.

  27. @ Rattus: Better do a little more research. And maybe a lot more soul-searching. Hillary is as dirty as it gets in politics. Sorry you cannot believe the evidence. She colluded with Russian interests. She used her so-called “charity” as a money-laundering machine. Where are the “Clinton” wings in all these hospitals her “charity” funded? They do not exist. You are a fraud, or you are stupid. Which is it?

  28. Rattus, just admit it. You are a muslim apologist. You see them as underrepresented, as compared to white Christians. Marginalized. OK. Kinda like blacks. I bet you love the blacks. Yes, based solely on their skin color. Does that make you racist? Well, yes it does. If you favor one group, based on their skin color, guess what? You are racist! Even if you favor the black ones over the white ones. You strike me as one who believes in white privilege. There is MONEY privilege, have no doubt. How do the Asians come here with nothing, yet in a generation or two, they are the MOST successful? Guess it’s all that white privilege. What about real Africans who come to America, escaping genocide? I have worked with some. They speak better english than I do. And I was born here. They will work 2 or 3 jobs. And the American negro calls them “Uncle Tom” What the hell.

  29. @ Rattus: Hope you got your burka. Hope you are so loud about rights when yours get taken away.

  30. @ rattus- I will demolish your arguments with facts. Your leftist ideology is hollow.

  31. BTW – this wasn’t the first time he ran for President.

  32. What a retard. Americans should be ashamed.

  33. You’re really reaching, buddy. Keep it in your pants. Another foaming at the mouth trump supporter, yelling about how all who oppose them are racist sound about as racist as they come. Maybe if you idiots stop throwing feces around for a bit you’d notice the rest of the world backing slowly away from the states in fear and revulsion. It’s not just trump, it’s your hostility and angst that’s unattractive. Grow up and learn to holster your egos. How can you be offended when someone disagrees with you? This is the foundation of progressive political discourse: the compromise. And no i don’t mean trump, that was not a compromise, that was just silly. You silly, murica.

  34. Your head is hollow, and your heart is cold.

  35. I think that was the most accurate description of this user. Period.

  36. What makes you think I’m from Canada? Never been there. US election system is a joke compared to other countries. I don’t think it should even be considered a democracy.
    Well, soon you’ll be a monarchy. Or do you really think the Trump dynasty will ever leave the White Palace of Washington again? You are just a filthy peasant.

  37. Someone isn’t very smart, but it isn’t Trump in that photo. In that line of people shaking hands, every other person is supposed to cross their arms. Look closely and you’ll see that the arm on the far left isn’t crossed. So Trump wasn’t supposed to cross his arms.

    The dumb person here – the one who messed up the photo – is the guy in blue on the far right. He wasn’t supposed to cross his arms, but he did and it messed up the whole line. That’s why Trump looks confused/annoyed: he could tell the other guy screwed up the photo.

    But if you aren’t smart enough to figure that out from a simple picture, I guess you aren’t smart enough to have real commentary on Trump as a president.

    (And no, I’m not a Trump fan. Just a logic fan.)

  38. Yes. Let’s get mired in the petty details and ignore the fact that the man is a sociopath

  39. So, everyone else is doing it correctly and he chooses to emulate the one person doing it wrong? Yep, that sounds like Trump all right. And Trump supporters.

  40. Man, Rattus, you should learn reading comprehension.

    Trump is doing it right. Not wrong. So whoever created this meme and included this specific picture to make Trump look stupid is actually the stupid one.

    Trump does enough on his own to look like an idiot. But trying to make fun of him and failing doesn’t make the person who made this look good…

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