Brutally Honest Life Truths


Illustrator and author of “A Sticky Note Guide to Life“, Chaz Huton, perfectly sums up the brutally honest realities of everyday life. Scroll down to check out some of our favorites.


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  1. Dark Sith Lord Lieberman May 4, 2018

    I don’t understand this comic, but I’m 1/2 through my 5th of Jim Beam Apple and it’s 330am.

    • Those whom drink any fruity flavored whiskeys has no right to claim a name indicating any Sith-ness. Wimps/sissies better describe fruity whiskey drinkers. Flavored whiskies are an abomination.

    • @Dah Man
      I’ts an outrage that Lieverman would even post that crap

  2. PuffyPedro May 11, 2018

    Just wanted to trade my soul for coffee. But according to toilet paper question I have nothing to pay with. So good night.

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