Life Is a Great Teacher



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  1. Gerd Müller January 10, 2015

    I’m sure he was napping in the classroom…

  2. I can't breathe January 10, 2015

    Hey look, it’s Eric Garner.

    • black women police sergeant at the corner January 10, 2015

      No it’s not. Garner was at least trying to make a living peddling looseys at the street corner before the city revoked his tax avoidance charter on life. This guy isn’t even making an attempt at earning a living.

    • Garners wife January 11, 2015

      “Heavy guy. And he was very lazy. You know? He didn’t like to do anything,”

    • Another crazed racist!

    • Ignorance. .

  3. The real American

  4. Like taught him for not being lazy..

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