Every Day Is Upper Body Day

5 thoughts on “Every Day Is Upper Body Day”

  1. wtf, is this some kind of joke?
    Also it would be quite hard to achieve this. Body tends to restore proportionality to itself. It is why you can do shitton of squats and still grow biceps. Perhaps the more isolated upper body muscles does not provide the same effect for legs? ?
    These guys are either shopped of have really shitty genes.
    I am super glad my legs are my strongest body part naturally, so I just get some swolle on my pecs, trics and shoulders and look like a million bucks

  2. I want to say one of these guys (upper right?) was had only recently regained the use of his legs.

  3. Legs>arms

  4. I don’t know but I think the reason these morons won’t work out the legs is simple:
    The bathroom mirror only reflects from the waist up!

  5. maybe they got messed up backs and cant do squats

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