9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women


Created by Sarah Cooper.


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  1. That’s stupid. Women could have it much easier if they just were men. Be a man and get equal.

    • Be batman and get a sequel!

    • Don’t worry, soon the masses will all be androgynous worker drones, serving a very small group of super elite. It will be beautiful.

  2. I’m sorry the last 2 are confusing me what’s going on?!?

    • Lazier Than Thou August 1, 2016

      The idea is that competence is threatening.
      I don’t understand it, but that’s what they’re saying.

    • It drifts into absurdity but this absurdity is the daily truth for women working in men dominated fields of work.

    • Lazier Than Thou August 1, 2016

      I doubt very much this is a daily ‘truth’. It sounds to me like you’re just borrowing trouble that doesn’t exist.
      Women don’t want to do the same job men do the way men do it. So they come up with nonsense like this. They’re too busy worrying about harmony and consensus to realize that sometimes you have to lead and sometimes that means making people not like you by forcing them to adhere to a schedule.

  3. I heard this news story about a place that hid the genders for applicants in some job openings, to remove gender bias. The selectors overwhelmingly picked women candidates, in a place that had mostly men working there. Unfortunately I can’t find the story, as I heard it on radio. Of course gender bias isn’t “men are better so I hire them”. It’s more subtle, like the feeling that women mostly do certain jobs and men mostly do other types of jobs, so hirers tend to the particular gender that “usually” do a job they are hiring for.

    • Lazier Than Thou August 1, 2016

      The gender bias isn’t just ‘women don’t X’ and ‘men don’t Y.’ It’s also ‘women give birth and I might be on the hook for days/weeks/months/years of maternity leave.’ It’s also the fact that men are more likely to work weekends and stay late.
      Women on average require more comfort than men and this leads to different and unique problems in the workplace.

    • On the other hand men are more likely to be injured in work accidents, have a higher rate of diseases caused by lifestyle or go to jail (US).

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob August 1, 2016

    Me and Joe Bob don’t got that problem with women. We made good investments on corn grain, sugar, and special yeasts so we is independent innermanures. Our women folks told us there wasn’t gonna be no working for them. We said, “Yes Dear.” Happy wife, happy life.

  5. I feel triggered. I need my safe place.

  6. Janice Aubrey August 1, 2016

    Gender equality has always been a major problem with hiring of new musicians for orchestral positions; these symphony orchestras have been male chauvinist “playgrounds” and women rarely got a fair shake. Thanks to changes in audition practices that took place several years ago, when a new player needs to be hired now, auditions are held behind a curtain — there can be no bias of any kind. The decisions are based purely on sound and musicianship.

  7. What is this woman doing at work? She should be home in the kitchen making a sammich.

  8. Feminists complaining that they’re seen as “threatening” by men when they use certain approaches in conversation. These would make sense ***if men reacted to these approaches the way women do.***
    Ladies, we’re not that complex. Men do not tend micro-analyze every single word said to them and scrutinize it for “hidden aggressive messages” or hidden meanings or sit in the bathroom for hours angsting about “oh what could they have possibly meant by THAT.” That’s YOUR thing. And frankly, we’re kind of sick of you projecting.

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