Which One Would You Choose?

26 thoughts on “Which One Would You Choose?”

  1. Go to Norway -> commit a crime -> live like a king!

  2. I love how they even have window bars at the dormitory…

  3. It’s to keep thieves out, not in, but I see your point.

  4. @Latvian: is it a common issue that thieves break into dormitories to steal baked potatoes?

  5. You have to see also police departments and firefighters departments… those which still aren’t renewed by financing of US Army Corps of Engineers.

  6. jfc, the bars are there to keep the boys out

  7. This brings back many exciting memories!
    …I mean about Latvian student hostels, *not* Norwegian prisons sadly.

  8. Where is potato, they cook them now?

  9. Shows what a shithole the US are. Even the prisons in Europe are better than freedom in the US. *lol*

  10. At least the bars in the dorm window are artistic.

  11. Where is potato XD

  12. No one wants to go to Norway, so they need to innovate

  13. I would choose the Latvian dormitory

    Prison = no future
    Dorm = some years of bad yet liveable conditions, get degree = make a future for yourself

    Unless you chose social or other B/S studies then you might as well go to prison where the future is brighter regarding employment :o)

  14. …and yet Norway has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

  15. I don’t get the comparison. Why would anybody choose prison, even with a shiny oven?

  16. This is about Latvia, dumbkompf

  17. … and Norway, Dummkopf.

  18. It’s some rightist, religious, revenge of God, puritan shit they believe.

  19. I feel safe.

  20. Why not the place looks good , just have to deal with no internet

  21. No Internet?? Oh how cruel and inhuman. Vile confinement, personality disrupting meted out by those Norwegians.

  22. I always wondered why every time I went there I saw those things on every window

  23. I would love to go to the prison in Norway… Obviously you won’t die in such a luxurious place. I think committing crimes would actually help the person and not punish the person

  24. It is very common in countries in Europe (most probably the same in Norway) that you can study when you are in prison and get a degree as well

  25. I consider myself a borderline hermit who likes to be at home, and still the idea of being locked up, not being able to come and go as I please, of being at the mercy of others sounds dreadful to me, even if I got to live in a nice room with a fancy kitchen. Your life must be sad indeed if a luxurious prison cell sounds an improvement to you. I feel bad for you.

  26. Norway’s prison system is based on rehabilitation. Very few Norwegian ex-cons return to crime.
    America’s prison system is based on profit and sadism. Rehabilitation isn’t profitable because they need “repeat business.” We done ****** up.

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