My Boss Arrived At Work In a Brand-New Lamborghini…

12 thoughts on “My Boss Arrived At Work In a Brand-New Lamborghini…”

  1. Then the jelly commie went to the streets demanding government to give a free Lamborghini to every person in the country

  2. Pity he can’t buy a new face. Ugly git.

  3. *facepalm*

  4. He surely could afford it to have some work on it done, but then a Lamborghini is much faster than a fresh face.

  5. How AWFUL!
    A male giving a JOB to some resentful, bitter POS employee!!!
    And then: having the nerve to enjoy the profits of it!!!

    only the Communist Party Bosses own Lamborghinis

    Right, anteater?!? (you moron)

  6. p.s. Okay…OKAY…
    maybe NOT Lamborghinis…
    …but they DO own and drive MERCEDES and PORSCHES.

    Probably because the Communist bosses
    all affiliate more with HITLER than with MUSSOLINI.
    Not that there’s much difference between them all….

    READ: “The Big Lie” and “Hillary’s America” by dinesh D’Souza

  7. Yes, Steve jobs really WAS ugly…inside and out!

  8. Nice try Kauf. Steve leased a new S600 every 6 months in order to avoid the tedium of attaching CA license plates and spoiling M-B’s clean design. That guy with no plates was one of the briefing points @ the CHP Area Office on Junction Avenue.

  9. My boss drives a PT crusier. If he shows up with a new one next year I’m quitting!

  10. OMFG? Are you truly getting any portion of your “knowledge” from D’Souza? Hahahahahaha!!! I never really took you seriously, but really, that is just…holy cow. D’Souza. Next you’ll be asking us to give legitimate consideration to the insane ramblings of Alex Jones. Wow! D’Souza. Man, that is something…well, I really don’t even know what to say about this.

  11. Why would any of us want a Lamborghini? They’re tacky. As are Rolexes. We like men with sensible vehicles, regulation-sized genitals, and some degree of self respect.

  12. Whats wrong with D’Souza?

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