This Guy Won’t Stop Photoshopping Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos


Kirby might not have the countless millions of Instagram followers that Kendall has, but he still has built up an impressive fan base by Photoshopping himself into various pictures of the fashion model and TV personality. Check out some of our favorites below to see why he is our favorite unofficial member of the Jenner family.

Kendall Jenner Instagram photo parody by Kirby.

Kendall Jenner posing with her BFF.

Kendall Jenner posing with Kirby Jenner.

Kendall Jenner hanging out with Kirby.

Kendall Jenner with Kirby Jenner.

Kendall Jenner on a catwalk.

Kendall Jenner with Dr. Evil.

Kendall Jenner black-and-white art photo.

Kendall Jenner posing with Kirby.

Kendall Jenner ballet practice.

Kendall Jenner with friends.

Kendall Jenner with Kirby in the background.

Kendall Jenner hanging out with Kirby.

Kendall Jenner with friends.

Kendall Jenner with Kirby Jenner.

Kendall Jenner arriving via plane.

Kendall Jenner ad.

Kendall Jenner selfie.

Kendall Jenner and Kirby posing in red dresses.

Kendall Jenner and Kirby eating pizza.


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  1. impressed by something at last January 25, 2019

    Best photoshopping I’ve ever seen! He’s a genius and could actually be a model. Very good.

  2. Dude’s got some serious ‘chop skills.

  3. E.A. Presley January 25, 2019

    My word! This guy is pure class! Who is that gal that appear in most of the pictures, though?

  4. Kendall Jenner January 25, 2019

    Kirby’s skills are amazing. How he managed to put me into every picture of him is amazing. I am truly amazed.

  5. Well done Sir.

  6. Absolutely great!

  7. The Lone Wonderer January 25, 2019

    Who’s Kendall Jenner? From the pictures I’m guessing she’s famous because she’s famous, like the Kardashians? Yea I’m not gonna google this kind of stuff.

  8. have no clue who is Kendall Jenner. Don’t want to know.

  9. Major Obvious January 27, 2019

    There needs to be somebody actually REAL in the photographs. He is just providing that ‘somebody.’

  10. This is so good! The choice of clothing, the light, the shadows, the colors, the hair, the grain. Marvelous! BTW: who is that pretty young lady next to Kirby, the one with the dark hair? Maybe she will become famous one day?

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