Hail to the Chief!

13 thoughts on “Hail to the Chief!”

  1. How long will HiLOLry fanboys keep crying about Trump?

  2. Of course, you know that “brick” is my bible.

  3. Illegals and other Leftists *outraged*!
    (…keep clutching those pearls, girls…)

  4. Look how small and white his hands are.

  5. Ellen DeGeneres and Michael Moore are crying hard…

  6. Good German men notice the hands whilst the American guys are more interested in the hottie holding the good book.

  7. It looks like a box of some sort, it’s probably full of illuminati and/or satanic/reptilian goodness.

  8. You mean that woman beside him. Fake, like everything else in Trump’s life. Made in a surgical clinic. I wonder if Trump payed for it or just skipped out of the bill as he always does.
    Hey, maybe he will skip out of the US bill of rights too.

  9. @Actually,
    so you were looking at the wife when you put your X in the box. That explains a lot; distraction is a tool con men often use on the simple minded.

  10. It’s the box where he keeps his orange face cream.

  11. And you know what they say…..
    Small hands = small feet = small …

  12. It is Abraham Lincoln’s Bible in the box.

  13. @Kauf Nicht das Buch I am sure he is paying someone to do the job for him.

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