This Is Kevin From “The Office” And His Wife

I'm not saying she's a gold digger but she's literally holding him by the Rolex.

10 thoughts on “This Is Kevin From “The Office” And His Wife”

  1. Does Rolex make a watch with a black plastic wristband?

  2. Joke’s on her. It’s a Rolecks.

  3. Maybe he’s just a nice guy and you guys are not.

  4. He’s a professional comedian. So he’s funny. Money is the foot in the door. But funny makes them stay.

  5. r/niceguys

  6. He’s other hand is disturbing to me.

  7. Whisper that to yaself at night if it helps ya sleep.

  8. It’s actually true. Believe it or not. Dorf is right.

  9. It’s a normal human hand. What’s wrong with you?

  10. He is SO funny! He’s got very cute lips 😍. I’d love to have the chance to double date with my husband and his wife! ☺️ Mexican food & margaritas please 😋😋

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