Katy Perry On Terrorism

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  1. Yeah, that’s Leftists’ delusions/denial in a nutshell.
    It’s like the modified “coexist” bumper sticker
    in which the islamic “C” (crescent moon) is attacking the other religions/letters.
    THE MORAL OF THE STORY: coexistence/tolerance only works if all parties practice it.
    The main problem is that Leftists’ hypocrisy in such matters threatens the safety of ALL OF US.

  2. She was being metaphorical. No boundaries etc. means that should all stand together against terrorism. Islam is a religion – just like Christianity – NOT a terrorist group. Extremists are commuting the atrocities and if you look at Manchester today everyone has turned out to support the anti terrorism call – everyone meaning, Christians, atheists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and any other religion that exists. They all stand together in defiance of terrorism – as we all should.

  3. The Islamic Crescent is a symbol of a religion. Christians have the Cross, Jews have the Star of David and Muslims have the Crescent. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all preach peace, love and tolerance. A small minority are terrorists and shame us all.

  4. Your paranoia breed xenophobia and hate. Your fear feeds ISIS; it is what they are trying to achieve. They want to create false divisions and you are doing their work for them.
    Stop being scared and start manning up.
    Embrace those that mean you no harm regardless of religion, politics or wealth.
    Save your rhetoric for those that actually mean us harm.

  5. No electric fence, no barbwires. The gate is basically open.

  6. Folks like Kauf Buch are as effectively in doing ISIS’ job as the terrorists themselves. The terrorists need tools like him to make their strategy work. This is so beyond what alt-righters call “cuckism”, the irony is just unbelievable.

  7. “It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic terrorist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them. Even worse, those on the regressive left, in their endless capacity for masochism and self-loathing, have attempted to shift blame inwardly on themselves, denying the terrorists even the satisfaction of claiming responsibility.”
    Faisal Al Mutar

  8. I must correct myself. It’s the right wing white Trump voters, that are a real problem. They bombed Islam nations and this is just a retaliation. Sorry for my mistake.

  9. CORRECTION: The poster above who listed the name as “Kauf Buch” is actually me, Dat.
    I was just too busy trolling at underage websites and forgot to change the moniker.
    And Rattus was pleasuring me a wee bit too successfully for me to notice.
    So sorry, dear Kauf!

  10. TO “@KaufBuch”
    “Thanks” (/s) for proving my point about Leftist PROJECTION and NIHILISM.
    And, YES, it is YOU and THE LEFT which is the hate enabling islamic terrorism.
    You clearly know NOTHING about islam.
    Read their “holy” documents, and you’ll see I’m right.

  11. TO “Really?”
    You clearly know nothing about the alt-Right.
    You, like the other loser Leftist posters, project your own pathologies onto us.
    Seek mental help, immediately.

  12. How stupid. You’re not naive; you’re a DHIMMI practicing TAQIYYA.
    YOU LIE that islam is ONLY a “religion.” IT IS NOT.
    islam is a totalitarian cult system which takes total control over EVERY ASPECT of people’s lives:
    economic, political, educational, financial, and yes, spiritual.
    ISLAM IS – in effect – FASCISM.
    THAT is what YOU are ENABLING.

  13. More TAQIYYA bull!!! Lies, lies, LIES.

  14. Islam means submit. Their stated goal is a worldwide caliphate where everyone is converted to Islam at the point of a sword and you will live under sharia law. If you refuse to submit, you are an infidel and will be killed or enslaved. If you are an atheist or member of another religion, you are an infidel and will be killed or enslaved. There is no coexistent.

  15. That gate looks like a toy. I think the EL guy is baiting Kauf Buch. Stop before you make him choke on his own spit and foam.

  16. Your sarcasm underlines the hypocrisy of your position and you inability to defend with any hint of intelligence.
    You do not know the left from the right any more than you know right from wrong.

  17. Sorry, a TYPO: I meant Zelda, not Kauf Buch.
    That’s what I get for posting while pleasuring myself with pages of the quran.

  18. Dat, Rattus pleases no one – you know that.

  19. “@KaufBuch” is just another NEO-JACOBIN.
    Don’t wonder if your “it’s us or them” attitude
    is turned on you…”with prejudice.”

  20. Oh dear, he is losing the ability to form a coherent sentence.
    Lame attempts to stereotype others to make himself feel less scared.
    Next he’ll be proposing the death penalty for suicide bombers.

  21. So you, the Kauf Buch, are telling me, the Kauf Buch, that I’m right?
    Kauf Buch… of course I’m right — I’m kauf Buch! I’m never left.

  22. Christian extremists like Kauf Buch are the brothers of islamic extremists of the IS.
    All they want is power over you and kill you if you don’t fullfill their demands.

  23. There is no difference between Kauf Buch and an islamic terrorist. If he was born in Syria he would be fighting for Allah now. Just because his brain was indoctrinated with islam instead of christianity. Like most humans he is programmable like a machine.

  24. She should shut up.
    And show her b**bs.

  25. Bruce Willis wouldn’t say that.

  26. Trump would say that.

  27. AFF above is another brain-dead Leftist who thinks projecting his own mental illness upon others is a refutation.
    It’s sad human waste like AFF never learns and continues to make the same mistakes over and over.
    Ignorance has its price, and AFF is its name.

  28. It’s the only thing she’s got going for her.

  29. You have proven AFF’s point, Kauf Loser.

  30. Katy Perry is an imbicile. And, a shitty singer. The only reason anyone pays her any attention at all is because she has nice big rubber ****.

  31. Fallacies, fallacies everywhere!
    Especially on the right, but what can you expect from FOX and other alternatie fact “news” the right love so much?

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