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  1. Nobody are worrying about Christian legal immigrants.

  2. Thoms Gentry November 2, 2016

    2 big differences: Joseph and Mary were in their OWN country and were only in Bethlehem in OBEDIENCE to the law!

    • Just Sayin' November 3, 2016

      And when they fled into Egypt from Herod’s persecution? What was that?
      Christian hypocrites are the worst hypocrites.

    • What Thoms Gentry wants to say is that they were no muslims.

    • And yet, Xerxes, it is cultural and moral mongrels like you who enable and justify barbaric ideologies like islam…while not having the cojones to make a cartoon about *their* ideology.

  3. Wow…that’s some world-class SJW BS there…Joseph and Mary were ordered to return to Bethlehem by the Roman government for the purpose of taxation. Did they storm into Bethlehem, demanding accommodations, complaining about the lack of rooms at the inn, and threatening / raping / murdering as they went? No?
    Spare us claptrap such as this…stick to non-idiotic funny stuff.

  4. THANK YOU for persuasively showing everyone why DONALD TRUMP will be America’s next President! Such juvenile blasphemy can only come from Leftist morons who have no ability to think through the real-world consequences of the nihilistic ideology to which they are so brainlessly enslaved.

    • Europe will take american refugees after Trump wins. There will be a lot people with brainpower around them as the mob of Trump voters will hunt down intellectuals and freethinkers. America will fall by it’s own stupidity. Soon after his election he will declare idiocracy and make himself great emperor. Make America Taerg again!

    • “Thanks” (/s) Xerxes, for showing everyone here what over-inflated, self-important, brain-dead BLOWHARDS today’s Leftists are. IT IS BARBARIC LEFTISTS LIKE YOU who are guilty of the VIOLENCE against not only Trump supporters, but also anyone who disagrees with their iron-fisted, totalitarian ideology.

    • Is the shouting and swearing an essential part in your idea of refined, western culture? I

  5. Cats > Strawmen

  6. jimmy rustled November 2, 2016

    mary cheated on joseph…she did the milk man

    • Lazier Than Thou November 3, 2016

      Pft, shows how much you know.
      Milk hadn’t even been invented yet. How could there be milk men with no milk? Check-mate.

  7. Hey, can we put up some cute and funny memes about “refugee” rape gangs in France and Germany next? How about some about MS-13? But I guess feeling cute and smug is worth any number of raped women, right?

    • Have you always been concerned about the rape of women or has this just started, because very few Muslims did this?
      Furthermore, do you have any reliable data at hand to prove that refugees rape more women than natives?

  8. Nice one Liver! Way to go Pissing off 50% of your users.

  9. Notice how they sought refuge in a nearby country and took what they could get, instead of the Christ Myth being set in Sweden and their attacking the innkeeper for not giving them a room?

  10. You forgot that Mary and Joseph did NOT want to strap bombs to themselves and kill as many infidels as possible.
    Actually, they were there to save the world.
    Funny how facts get misconstrued!

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