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  1. The Lone Wonderer June 6, 2017

    16: Insist on 15 steps, but it’s really 16.

  2. Caroline Kennedy June 6, 2017

    Like, I really, like you know, saying the word like, like you know, as often as I can. Like, Maybe, like, they’ll make me ambassador to, like you know, Japan.

  3. Pff? You’re not using facebook? Like like “like”!

  4. gobsmacked scientist June 6, 2017

    Is this the daily life of Donald Trump?

    • Of course, some dildohead just HAD to bring Trump into it, even though there is nothing even remotely resembling politics in any of the drawings.

    • The Curious Rock June 6, 2017

      This shit is all over this site,not a single post isn’t ignited into a quarrel by such ********.
      To be honest, i pity them.

    • Just Sayin' June 6, 2017

      @BigR: Well, to be fair Republicans are really annoying.

    • Trunkmonkey June 7, 2017

      Well, you HAD to make him president, now live with it ….

  5. The first one is really irritating because not using punctuation gives no clue as to what you are trying to say it makes one long sentence that by the end makes no sense at all it seems these people never got past third grade even third graders know what punctuation is and how it is used they really should go back to school

    • Trunkmonkey June 7, 2017

      sorry fail this was still completely readable so is this by the way

  6. Its annoying to use a baby voice but its also annoying if I correct the vocabulary?

    • The Curious Rock June 6, 2017

      it is annoying to use a baby voice while talking loudly on your phone without punctuations, correcting someone’s vocabulary and using “like” a lot meanwhile shouting random numbers…

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